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Sharpening Supplies

With so many sharpening products on the market, how do you know which options are the most effective - and the safest - for your blades?


We have compiled a selection of sharpening supplies that we can stand behind for those who wish to maintain their blades at home, out in the bush, or in commercial environments such as kitchens or butcher shops.

Find What Is Right For You

Don't wreck your blades with the wrong sharpening tool!

  • Honing Steel

  • Sharpening Rod

  • Sharpening Stone (Whetstone)

  • Electronic Sharpening System

Electronic Sharpeners

Create a new and perfectly-angled cutting edge every time.

Unlike pull-through sharpeners with hard plates or wheels, this little electronic belt-sanding pull-through sharpener will give you a 22° or 16° angle on your cutting edge in minutes without compromising your blades.


With a little bit of practice, a whetstone will give you excellent results!

Being able to sharpen your blades properly with a whetstone can come in handy in more than just the kitchen. 

Sharpening Rod

Quick results and easy to use

Having an easy and quick way of putting an edge on your blade is effortless with this sharpening rod. Unlike steel honing rods, this ceramic sharpening rod actually removes material in order to give you a new cutting edge versus just realigning the burrs. Sharpening the full cutting edge from heel to tip with even pressure is made easy with this 12" long oval body with a non-slip foot and angle guide. 

Honing Steel

Quick results and easy to use

Looking for a quick fix in-between sharpening services or out in the bush? Quickly and easily realign the burrs on your cutting edge to make your blade more effective. A popular go-to option for chefs and butchers, the use of a honing steel is really intended to be a temporary fix to increase functionality of a blade until the blade can actually be sharpened. 

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