End-Grain Cutting Boards

As low as $137

Made right here in Grande Prairie, Alberta by Woodenworkshop using quality hardwoods like maple, walnut and purple heart. Each item is completely unique!

Hand-Made by Woodenworkshop

Made Locally right here in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Our end grain cutting boards are made from quality hardwoods that are safe for the kitchen.

They have non-slip feet that allow a little gap so that you can lift it easily and it doesn’t slip on your counter.  It ensures that moisture isn’t trapped underneath the board. Each piece is sealed with food safe mineral oil.

Why Buy An End Grain Cutting Board?

Here are just a few reasons why this is a smart investment:

If you have expensive, cherished knives or your knives dull quickly with your current cutting boards, then end grains are your best choice.

End grain cutting boards are made up of many smaller pieces of hardwood that are put together vertically and glued together, forming one large board. If you were to cut a tree down & look downward at the rings, you would be looking at the "end grain".

End grains are beneficial because they absorb the impact from the cutting edge of blades and the wood fibres are somewhat 'self-healing'. Moisture is very unlikely to be trapped in the wood (helping to prevent swelling and distortion) and is ideal in a wet kitchen environment.

Here is a breakdown of the 3 major benefits:

1. Knife Stays Sharp Longer

When you're sliding your knife across an end grain, the blade is cutting into the fibres of the wood, causing those fibres to slightly separate, meaning less wood comes into contact with the cutting edge - therefore your knives stay sharper, longer.

2. Cutting Board Stays Nice For Longer

Since you're cutting into the fibres, those same fibres of wood are also able to heal themselves by moving back into position as a blade moves across it - you'll notice significantly less marks on an end grain board, making it more visually appealing for a longer period of time.

3. Safe and Reliable 

Peace of mind is worth a lot. Bacteria from raw meats are captured and held in place by the fibres of an end grain cutting board, keeping bacteria from freely moving and helping to prevent cross contamination. Warm, soapy water and a light scrub will remove this bacteria.