The thicker profile on the Gourmet Series allows room for a juice groove feature on one side to capture liquids and keep coutertops clean. At 3/8" thick, it is very solid and quite heavy duty. 


Epicurean cutting boards, made with their exclusive paper composite material, are the perfect boards for everyday food preparation. Available in a range of shapes, colours, sizes and features, all are made with the same non-porous, dishwasher-safe paper composite material.


Epicurean makes refined, attractive products that function perfectly and look good living on your countertop. It’s no wonder home and professional chefs want more than one – especially with their LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Epicurean Gourmet Series 18" x 13" Cutting Board - Natural/Slate

SKU: 003-18130201
    • Dimensions: 18"x13"x3/8"
    • Colour: Natural/Slate
    • Dual-sided
    • Generous juice groove on one side
    • Made of paper composite
    • Heat resistant up to 350°
    • Dishwasher safe & durable
    • Made in the USA