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Leather workshop

Join us for a Sharpening Workshop or a Sheath-Making Workshop.

AZCK Workshops are a great way to learn new skills without having to worry about finding the right tools or sourcing quality supplies. We'll provide what you need and you show up - simple as that. If we need you to bring something to the workshop, we will clearly communicate that in the class description.

If you do not see any open/available workshops in our booking calendar, reach out to us and we will add you to the list for the next workshop. If you would like to schedule a private class for friends, family or work colleagues, we are happy to discuss what we are able to provide.

Sharpening Workshop

Our goal is to teach you the skills that will help you feel confident in safely maintaining your own cutting tools.

In this course, we will explain the differences between popular sharpening tools and techniques that are on the market today and educate you what method(s) are appropriate for specific applications. 

Worried about damaging your knives? Don't be - that is exactly the purpose of this course. You will be provided with a take-home kit; all you need to bring is a knife!


This is a great class for anyone who loves sharp blades and has the desire to properly (and safely) maintain them at home.

Sheath Making Workshop

Interested in learning how to make your own handmade sheath?

Choose your material and any features (such as straps, buckles, embossing, etc.) + bring the knife the sheath is being made for - and we'll teach you how to do the rest.

These classes will be scheduled once we have enough people. Ask us to put your name on the list and we'll contact you when we have enough participants.