AZ Custom Knives Sharpening Service comes highly recommended by the local community!

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We recommend having your knives professionally re-sharpened every 6 - 12 months depending on use and wear.

Unlike a lot of sharpening services, we don't do flat fees. It simply just doesn't make sense for us to charge the same amount to sharpen a 3"  blade as a 10" blade.


If you want to maintain your blades in-between professional sharpening services, we recommend using a sharpening or honing rod and highly advise against using any type of v-sharpener/pull-through sharpener. 

Looking for something that does the work for you? Ask us about our Easy Edge Sharpening System by WÜSTHOF. This electronic system is designed to remove all the guesswork and allows for simple, straightforward sharpening of Western and Asian-style blades.