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If it just doesn't 'cut it' anymore...give us a call!

We offer the best professional sharpening service in the Peace Country, guaranteed!

We also provide the tools and supplies you need to properly maintain your blades in-between professional sharpening services.


Servicing professionals in the Peace Country.

Having trust in your scissor sharpener is important if you rely on your scissors/shears as the tool of your trade.

Here at AZCK, we work closely with professional hairdressers to understand their needs and fears. We are clear on the expectations and will provide a professional service that leaves nothing more to be desired.


Attention to detail for high-end folding knives.

Specialty blades require more time and attention, often needing to be dismantled in order to perform the service.


Choose your finish and eliminate chips with our Professional Sharpening & Repair Service.


Ready for work!

A sharp chisel is a must-have in any woodworking shop, no matter if professional or hobbyist. We are very well-equipped  to service your carpentry and carving chisels.


Bring it back to life!

Do you have an old knife or other blades you want to have cleaned up and redone? Perhaps you just need a new handle on your favourite knife? Send us a picture of your knife or give us a call and we will discuss the project.

We know how important it can be for family heirlooms and historical blades to retain original features and markings. You will be able to make an educated and informed decision about every step of the process.


Next level results.

If you have a blade that is too thick, heavy or bulky for you, we can offer a solution. Our regrinds are done with care and respect to these hard blades. Preserving the integrity of the heat treat is essential to every regrind we do.

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