At AZ Custom Knives, we offer a range of course options.

Course options start at a half-day and up: choose your project, timeframe and group size.

  • Half Day Courses are 4 hours

  • Full Day Courses are 10 hours (8am-6pm)

  • All courses always include basic materials

  • Material upgrade options are available (must be paid for upon completion of the course)

  • PPE options are available for purchase (including eye/ear protection, respirators/filters, etc.)

  • Students will receive a 10% discount in the AZCK Store on the day of their scheduled course (discount does not apply towards custom knives or the purchase of future courses)


General Blacksmithing Course

Learn the art of forging from our Swiss-trained Journeyman Artistic Blacksmith, Alessio.


In this course, you will learn the foundational skills of forging: body position and form when working at the anvil, how to move between the forge and the anvil + effective techniques for manipulating steel.


The most important thing is learning skills that will minimize injury and help maximize efficiency.

Examples of items being forged in this course:

railroad spike knives, BBQ tools, fire pokers,

dinner bells & coat hooks.

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Knife Making Course

Have you ever wanted to make your own knife?


If you are a fan of the television show "Forged in Fire", you are likely one of many people who has developed the desire to challenge themselves with making a knife (or two).


Television aside, this is an opportunity many people would like to experience and in our shop, we make sure every person succeeds! You will have the choice of forging your own steel or doing a stock-removal process.


Not sure what the right approach is? Don't worry, we'll tell you what the proper technique is for the type of knife you would like to make because the best blades are functional ones.

Sheath Making Course

Every knife, custom or not,  needs a custom storage solution; so why not learn how to make your own sheath?

Our sheaths start with one of two material options:

Kydex (thermoplastic) or premium leather.

Choose your material and any features (such as straps, buckles, embossing, etc.) + bring the knife the sheath is being made for - and we'll teach you how to do the rest.

Our sheaths are 100% handmade, 100% of the time.


Sharpening Course

Our goal is to teach you the skills that will help you feel confident in safely maintaining your own cutting tools.

In this course, we will explain the differences between popular sharpening tools and techniques that are on the market today and educate you what method(s) are appropriate for specific applications. 

Worried about damaging your knives? Don't be - that is exactly the purpose of this course.


Let's be honest: you will either walk away with the skills to do it on your own or the knowledge that you would rather have someone else deal with your sharpening!


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Cancelation Policy 

Please be aware that we are relying on our workshops being attended. As recent cancellations and the loss of revenue associated with that create drastic challenges for us. Despite our wishes, we will have to implement a system that gives incentive to attend courses as well as prevent our company to deal with a frequent loss of revenue. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

In case of a cancellation due to no fault of ours, we reserve the right to keep half of the canceled courses cost unless the course is canceled within 1 calendar week . If the course was paid for before hand, the remainder of the course cost will be credited towards the rescheduling the course. In case the course was not paid for at the time of cancelation, half of the cost will be billed to the client.