Wusthof Easy Edge Video Full HD

Wusthof Easy Edge Video Full HD

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Wüsthof Easy Edge Sharpening System

As low as $259

  • Sharpen with confidence! The WÜSTHOF EASY EDGE electronic sharpener delivers the professional results of flexible grinding-belt technology in an easy-to-use home sharpening system.

  • Simple One Touch control guides the user through each of the sharpening cycles with no guess work.

  • Three pre-programmed sharpening stages guide you through the process of shaping, sharpening and refining.

  • The integrated blade guides ensure a sharp and precise job every time.

  • Cleanup is simple with the automated magnetic extraction system that collects dust due to grinding.


Weight: 660g
Dimensions: 175 x 110 x 125mm
Flexible sharpening belts: includes 2x standard/P120 belt, 1x fine/X30 belt, 1x extra-fine/X4 belt
Integrated swarf suction
Interchangeable blade guide
Intelligent “One Touch” program control
Anti-slip rubber base
Three year warranty on machine (see “Warranty” section for more details)


RED P120 Standard Belt
Recondition a dull blade on one to two full cycles. Can also be used in combination with the Refine cycle
to touch-up a knife.

GREY X30 Fine Belt
Ideal for Asian Edge sharpening/maintenance when used in combination with the Asian guides. Can also
be used to find tune an edge following the Red belt.

WHITE X4 Extra Fine
Used for polishing the edge of the blade to clean any remaining burrs left on the blade. Can also work in
combination with the Grey belt.

BLUE P120ZA Extra Coarse
Only to be used for repairing damaged edges. Should not be used with the Asian guides.

Upgrade Set

Asian blade guides:

16° Angle for a more aggressive cutting geometry.

Sharpening belts:
1x coarse/120ZA, 1x medium/120, 1x X30/fine, 1x X4/extra fine