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QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Why Investing In Proper Knives Is Better Than Replacing Them Every Year

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Since moving to northern Alberta, we have noticed that many people engage in what we consider a strange social practice: they go to a chain store and buy a full new set of cheap knives just about every year (typically throwing the old ones out in the garbage). We understand that this is not the only place this happens, there just happens to be a large amount of people who seem to almost hail this practice as a tradition.

Our question is this: why throw your money away?

What are some of the key benefits of quality over quantity?

~ More eco-friendly

~ Less maintenance: high quality knives are made to shay sharper for longer

~ Purchasing high quality knives is a long-term investment: you will get a return!

~ Functional beauty: using an aesthetically beautiful tool (such as a Damascus knife) can encourage healthier eating and enhance your kitchen experience every day

~ Having features that cater to your individuality: a handle suited to the shape and size of your hand and a bolster that gives you the comfort of knowing you can maintain a secure grip

"Since my kitchen is the most important part of my home, I want to be creative and innovative, not only in its aesthetic, but also in the tools that I'm using to cook." - Blake Lively

How can I get more comfortable using those “fancy” knives that look like they should be in an art display?

Establish a relationship with your knives. The more you get to know them, the more comfortable and safer you will feel using them on a regular basis. You will be more likely to understand how the blade will respond to different types of foods: whether or not those foods are wet or dry, etc. Understanding the nature of the blade will greatly enhance your efficiency and enjoyment of being in the kitchen. Quality knives are made to endure use (just not abuse).

Bottom Line: An investment is only an investment if you see a return in some form.

In this case, the length of that term is generally determined by the quality you invest in.

At AZ Custom Knives, it’s our job to help educate our clients to make sure they are getting the right product for the right application. When you use a knife for its true intended purpose, you save the blade from wear and tear it was not designed for. In turn, this helps maintain its integrity - especially the cutting edge (specifically near the tip). This is where longevity comes in: when we help you find the right knives, you will see a return in your investment much more quickly.


AZ Custom Knives is an online store selling a variety of quality kitchen knives made with high grade stainless Damascus steel. We can also help if you are looking for your knife or blade to be sharpened or restored in Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Fairview, Edmonton and Dawson Creek, BC.

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