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What is VG-10 Steel?

It’s 2019 and technology has never been more advanced. With so many options for so many things, it can be difficult to determine which trends offer long term value.

Material for knife blades is no different. Depending on what country you live in – or which country produces the knives you are interested in – there are limitless options for steel composition. VG-10 steel has come to be known as one of the higher quality options for knife blades and we are going to tell you why.

The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire. - Richard M. Nixon

What is VG-10 and what does that mean?

Predominately produced in Japan, VG-10 is known as the “gold standard” for stainless steel; in fact, the “G” in VG stands for ‘gold’ to highlight this feature. Originally geared towards professional chefs, VG-10 steel has now become a more mainstream option that is typically offered by higher quality knife companies. Other countries aside from Japan (such as Germany) produce steel with similar compositions but Japan has set the standard.

VG-10 steel can now be found in many types of knives ranging from culinary to hunting/outdoor/tactical due to its unique properties. One of the most important characteristics of this steel is the fact that it is a STAINLESS STEEL – this is due in part to the fact that VG-10 contains 15% chromium.

What are the major benefits of VG-10 steel?

> It can be razor sharp

> Corrosion/rust resistant

> Very hard and very tough

> Incredible edge retention

BOTTOM LINE: With VG-10, you get the hardness of a carbon steel and the resistance of a stainless steel. If you are someone who does not want to be sharpening your blades on a regular basis, VG-10 is very likely a great option for you. This steel is engineered to offer longevity and durability. Regardless of what type of climate you live or play in, VG-10 knives are going on be one of the most user-friendly options you can get your hands on. This is an investment that will undoubtedly pay off.


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