Hailing from the Swiss Classic series by Victorinox, these multi-purpose kitchen shears feature stainless steel blades with a micro-serrated edge that helps hold different materials in place while they are being cut. They are the perfect tool for opening screw-cap jars and adeptly cracking nuts. The durable synthetic handles come apart and are virtually unbreakable. 


The tried-and-tested Swiss Classic line features a quality selection of knives and tools for the home chef. 100% Swiss Made and DISHWASHER SAFE, these products are a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Victorinox Pull-Apart Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors

SKU: 7.6363-X4
    • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    • Handles: Unbreakable Synthetic Material
    • Height: 15mm
    • Net Weight: 91g
    • Dishwasher safe