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Blacksmith In Grande Prairie

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Blacksmith in Grande Prairie

Building a big beautiful home with hardwood floors and granite countertops and then installing a cheap railing made of aluminium because we don't know that there is an alternative in not necessary anymore. We offer high quality railings and approach each project with ingenuity and attention to detail with having the customer’s vision in mind.

"When the task requires a blacksmith's hammer, a goldsmith's hammer won't do." - KS Ramanan

Isn't a wrought iron railing expensive?

No, and yes, it is more expensive in the up front cost but not in the long run. Cheap becomes expensive, always!

I thought a blacksmith makes horseshoes?

Although a farrier is trained in blacksmithing in order to forge a shoe, he should not be confused with a blacksmith which undergoes a different training and most likely will never work on a horse.


AZ Custom Knives is an online store selling a variety of quality kitchen knives made with high grade stainless Damascus steel. We can also help if you are looking for your knife or blade to be sharpened or restored in Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Fairview, Edmonton and Dawson Creek, BC.


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