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WÜSTHOF - Made in Germany

We are proud to be offering an array of WÜSTHOF products including knives, blocks and more.

WÜSTHOF is recognized worldwide as a specialist in outstanding knives; ambitious home cooks and professional chefs appreciate the first-class quality of forged WÜSTHOF knives.


The high-quality products made by this family company have stood the test of time for over 200 years.

200 Years of The Finest Quality

Passion, Diligence, Perfection

  • WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1814

  • 350 employees work in three production facilities in Solingen

  • All knives are manufactured 100% in Solingen

  • One of the most modern factories of knives in the world; highly automated with more than 100 robots in action

  • Family-owned, 7th generation, operated by Harald and Viola Wüsthof

  • Specialize in high quality knives for professional chefs and hobby cooks

  • WÜSTHOF is a global brand; products are sold in 80+ countries!

EASY EDGE Sharpening System

Remove all the guesswork with 3 automatic, timed sharpening cycles.

  • Sharpen with confidence! The WÜSTHOF EASY EDGE electronic sharpener delivers the professional results of flexible grinding-belt technology in an easy-to-use home sharpening system

  • Simple One Touch control guides the user through each of the sharpening cycles with no guess work.

  • Three pre-programmed sharpening stages guide you through the process of shaping, sharpening and refining.

  • The integrated blade guides ensure a sharp and precise job every time.

  • Cleanup is simple with the automated magnetic extraction system that collects dust due to grinding.