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Choose your project, timeframe & group size.


Basic materials are included; pricing is per project.

Our goal is for EVERY student to succeed in our shop! We strive to provide the education & information that will result in meeting & managing expectations - and lead to success. Questions? Connect with us!

Knife Making Classes

Make your creative dreams a reality.


The first step is to decide what type of experience are you looking for. Remember, our Knife Making Courses entail a stock removal process; if you want to forge your own steel, this is considered a Blacksmithing Course.

Want to start somewhere simple? No problem. Want to dive off the deep end into a high-end, functional work of art? Let's get started! You will be amazed at what you can achieve + the caliber of project a first-time student can be capable of when learning under our blacksmith and instructor, Alessio.

In a 1 Person Course, you will be able to choose your own project and have the blacksmith's undivided attention while completing it. You will have the choice to forge your own steel or do a stock-removal process and you will be provided with options to upgrade any materials within reason. ALL basic materials are included. 

In a 2 or 3 Person Course, you will be provided with a selection of heat-treated 1084 knife blanks to choose from + basic handle materials and all the tools & equipment you will need to work more  independently to complete your project. If you need help, the blacksmith will be nearby and you can always go and ask. ALL basic materials are included. 


If you feel lost and aren't sure where to start when it comes to choosing a class or a gift for someone else, not to worry. We are here to advise each client and student on the best recommended approach when it comes to selecting a course or regarding decisions pertaining to style, materials, blade storage, etc.


It is important for us to ensure whichever option you choose is the best fit for the function of your blade and will be a good option to set you up for a positive and successful outcome.



1 Person

One-on-one with the blacksmith

2 Person – Individual 

Pay for a single spot in a class with one other student

2 Person – Group

Pay for two spots in a class where the students are booked together

3 Person – Individual

Pay for a single spot in a class with two other students

3 Person – Group

Pay for three spots in a class where the students are booked together

Knife Making Classes.jpg


Choose the best fit for the student.

One-on-One Classes

  • Offer the most creative freedom

  • Give students the best chance to learn as much as possible

  • Allow the student to choose their project and upgrade options for materials

  • Typically result in a better finished, higher-end product with more attention to detail

  • Require a pre-scheduled preliminary meeting with the blacksmith prior to the class to discuss project details

Knife Making Group Classes

  • Are not recommended for beginners

  • Provide individual stations with top-of-the-line tools & equipment

  • Allow each student to choose a heat-treated 1084 knife blank + simple handle materials

  • Give students the option to upgrade their steel by purchasing an upgraded knife blank

  • Are great for students wanting a knife making class with a more structured project

  • Require more self-direction as students have limited supervision from the blacksmith

  • Can be easier if the student has previous experience with using tools and/or shop equipment (especially in regards to students feeling more comfortable when working on a more individual basis)

  • Give one-on-one students the option to continue working independently on a project

  • Do not require pre-scheduled preliminary meetings, unless otherwise requested or arranged

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.