I am a skilled knife maker, living with my family and working out of beautiful Grande Prairie, Alberta. I do my best to produce excellent quality knives under the motto "Perfection can only be reached if you aim for it". I approach each project with patience and great care to provide the best I can offer. Coming from a blacksmith background, I have always approached my knife making with hand forged damascus steel blades.

I originally hail from Switzerland, coming to Canada in 2009. Prior to my arrival in Canada, I completed a 4 year apprenticeship in artistic blacksmithing with the intention of bringing my knowledge and skill to Western Canada. My passion for producing exquisite, high quality knives has firm roots in the art of bladesmithing (hand-forging different steels to obtain a desired result). From start to finish, A to Z, my attention to detail results in stunning and functional implements that "one can grow old with".

Having recently made the move from Salmon Arm, British Columbia to Grande Prairie, Alberta, I am pleased to offer my services in the form of custom-ordered knives and accessories + quality sharpening and refurbishing services. Although my major appreciation is damascus steel, I also offer mono-steel blades in kitchen, outdoor, tactical and display knives. Requests for extravagant leather sheathes, wooden boxes, and displays are all very welcome!